Swatcher Spotlight: Lelia Pierce

I hope by now you have had the opportunity to read some of the amazing interviews done in the Swatcher Spotlight segment. If you haven’t, you don’t know what you’re missing. Fret not because you can get caught up on the action and enjoy my interview with Nicole Perez and Elena Kalogeropoulos

But the fun doesn’t stop, oh no, I’m just warming up! This month I had the great joy to interview Lelia Pierce and let me tell you, she is amazing….and I’m not just saying that because we have so much in common. Lelia is wonderfully talented, kind and beautiful. So lets jump right into the fun so you can see what I’m talking about.

photo provided courtesy of Lelia Pierce

Name:  Lelia Pierce
Age:  38
Location:  Kansas City, KS, USA

Sacha from Jior Coutour suggested that Lelia be given the ‘Swatcher Spotlight’ and I couldn’t agree more. (Read more about Sacha and Ari from Jior Coutour in my Interview series). So per the usual, I had to get the formalities out of the way and give Lelia a chance to warm up before moving right into the hard hitting questions. So lets get the low down on this green-eyed goddess…lol!

Q: Kids? If so, how many?
A: “2 kids.  Jacob is 19 and Ariel is 15”

Q: Marital Status?
A:”Happily remarried”

Q: Birthday
A: “October 26…GO SCORPIOS!”

Q: Pets? If so, types and how many?
A: “1 very spoiled 3 year old Brussels Griffon. Sir Ludo Onyx”

leslie dogAnd how very befitting that Lelia didn’t send me a photo of her hubby or kids, oh no, but of Sir Ludo Onyx himself. What a cutie pie!

Here is where the fun begins, I didn’t ask Lelia about flowers and rainbows, while those are pretty, I wanted to know the good stuff. I got just that!

Q: City Life or country living?
A: “A little of both!  I live far enough away from the city on 2 acres that it could be considered country living.  We’re also close enough to get all the perks of city living.”

Q: Comedy movie or suspense?  
A: “More a little of both.  Depends on my mood!  Scary movies are my fave though.”

Q: Last time you laughed out loud?  
A: “Last night.  My hubby is quite amusing!”

Q: Favorite tv show?  
A: “Now that’s a hard one to answer.  I will have to say Grey’s Anatomy even though they keep killing off the characters I love.”

Q: Favorite holiday?  
A: “Halloween!  What’s not to love about Halloween?”

Q: Favorite article of clothing?  
A: “Leggings/yoga pants and t-shirts tie.  Unless we can count shoes, then it’s flip flops, hands down!”

Now that’s my kinda girl. Grey’s Anatomy AND leggings….#winning. Those 2 things go together like ice cream and cake…which doesn’t sound too bad right now. Darn it being only 8:45am EST, ok back on topic…Lelia. I think she and I will be great friends once Grey’s comes back on.

This is the part of the interview where all the beans are spilled and all we learn about all those gorgeous swatches and well manicured nails we see all over FB, IG, etc.

Q: What got you started doing your nails?  
A: “The creativity of it…and who doesn’t like to look a little prettier?”

Q: What was the first brand you swatched for?  
A: “Jior Couture was the first ever brand I got a gig with.  Sacha is amazing to work with!”

Q: What is your favorite nail care product?  
A: “Bomb Balm from So Much Goodness is exceptional.  I use it for my cuticles, hands, feet and tattoos!  It really is the bomb!”

Q: What kind of camera do you use to take your swatch photos?  
A: “For my regular photos I use my Samsung Galaxy.  For macros I use my Canon Rebel XT.  Love that baby!”

Q: What tips would you give an aspiring swatcher?
A: “Don’t give up!  Make sure you do proper clean up and have well lit photos with no background distractions.  A good picture is worth a thousand words, after all!”

Q: How did you come up with your ‘nail name’?  
A: “Mine came from my e-mail address, grneyegoddess, that I’ve had since 2000.  It’s basically my user name for everything and has zero to do with nails.”

Q: If you were to start an indie line of polish what would you name it and what would the first collection be inspired by?  
A: “Go all in, right?  Everyone knows me by GreenEyeGoddess or Green Goddess Creations already, so I’d probably do Goddess Lacquer.  First collection?  The Little Mermaid, of course!!!”

Q: Who are some other swatchers and/blogs you follow?
A: “I love swatches from Nichole Costa – Bedlam Beauty, Cheyenne Backlund, Nicole Perez, Sahyly Sanchez, Dvisha Patel, RoseLynn Mercedes – Manicured & Marvelous, Genevieve Clay-Poor, JayLynne Cook, Megan Ele – Mindfully Polished…there are so many good ones out there!!!  I’d be here all day!”

 Well that concludes my time today with Leila. Are you enjoying this series? Is there something you’d like to know and want me to ask?  Or, if you or someone you know deserves the spotlight on them, leave a comment below or send me an email. I hope you’ll join me back next month when we have another featured swatcher.

You can find more with Lelia here:

CRAFT BLOG * NAIL BLOG * SHOP * FACEBOOK * PINTEREST * TWITTER * INSTAGRAM. She also happily designs for: Dustin Pike’s Doodle Dragon Studios


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