Tutorial: Tie-Dye Jellies Watermarble

Good Morning! Today I have a special treat for you all. I am going to show you yet another attempt at watermarbling using the newest collection from the awesome indie brand, that brought you the highly coveted collections, A Night In Vegas (ANIV/ANIVC), Street Carnival (SCC) and Mellowed Out Cremes (MOC)….Pipe Dream Polish (pdp). This watermarble mani features the Tie-Dye Jellies collection, that I was lucky enough to score on its release day, June 29th. It wasn’t until I had already done my nails and I was so happy with the outcome, that I decided to make it a tutorial and share here. So, please bare with me as I try to explain my way through.

What I did:

  • I prepped my nails by putting down 1 coat of Whitewater by pdp and applied Cat Suit by Vapid around my cuticle and down about 1/3 of my finger front and back.
  • Once Whitewater and the latex were dry, I began to create my bullseye in the water. I completed the bullseye with 3 full passes (1 pass = 1 ring of each color) (see below)
  • Then, I created my design using my fine tip dotting tool. Because I am still a newbie at watermarbling, I opted for the zigzag pattern. (see below)IMG_3836
  • I found the area that I liked the most and placed my finger in the water at an angle to pick up the design on my nail.
  • Then, I blew on the surface of the water and picked up the excess polish with my q-tip.
  • Carefully, I removed my finger from the water and removed the latex using tweezers
  • I repeated these steps for each finger and cleaned up using my clean-up brush and acetone.
  • For some added sparkle, #addglitter!!! I used Opal Glitter by Sinfulcolors
  • Finally I topped with by QDTC by Pro-FX.

Here’s my final mani


There you have it, a pretty decent watermarble mani. I really don’t have any tips and tricks when it comes go watermarbling but here are a few things I have learned:

  • Use room-temperature water – I have tap water in an old gallon jug that I keep water in to ensure is the right temperature.
  • Have everything ready – design tool (i.e. toothpick, needle), q-tip, etc.
  • NOT ALL POLISHES MARBLE – there is nothing you can do about this. Don’t get frustrated, just find ones that do.
  • Start small – start by only using 2 polishes instead of 5-6
  • Be patient and keep practicing

Do you have any best practices? What polishes do you find work best?



I few days later, my watermarble mani was still in really good shape and I was so proud of it I didn’t want to take it off. So I decided to upcycle (upgrade + recycle) this mani with a DOUBLE WATERMARBLE!!! Did your head just explode, because mine did at first. I figured how are hard could it be? I used the same steps outlined above with Atrament and Clearwater (both by pdp) and wha-la…I have a double watermarble mani! Thoughts?