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I’m not just polish reviews all the time, I like to mix things up every once and awhile…to keep you on your toes. I’ve been wanting to expand my blogging repertoire to include all nail based products, including stamping plates, vinyls, etc. So it was only befitting when I saw Nailed It! Nail Polish looking for product testers for her upcoming nail care products, to jump at the chance.

Every now and again, I like to play, dare I say, NAKED! It allows me time to pamper my nails and gives me a break from the stress of picking a color(s) and/or art/design….lol! So the #nakednailchallenge is on! 5 days of nakedness! No base, no strengtheners, just me, my nails and my Nailed It! Nail Care.

This post will chronicle my 5 day experience using Nailed It! Nail Care products.

Products Used:

  • Full Size (10ml) Berri Vanilla Cuticle Oil – $6
  • Full Size Pink Sugar Cuticle Cream – $5
  • 2 Mani bombs (1 regular size (Sweet Hearts) and 1 mini(Love Spell)) – $2
  • 2 Mini Lotion Bars – $?

My Routine

  Monday 7/25 – removed cuticles, LIGHTLY buffed nail bed and re-shaped free edge. (I knew my package was OFD (out for delivery) and I wanted to be ready when it got here). Throughout the day I just applied cuticle oil.

Tuesday 7/26 – soaked hands in warm water with mini mani bomb (catch my video on IG). Applied 1 of the lotion bar and topped with cuticle cream.

Day 2

Wednesday 7/27 – continued more with applying the cuticle oil throughout the day

Thursday 7/28 – continued more with applying the cuticle oil throughout the day

Day 4

Friday 7/29 – soaked hands in warm water with 1/2 of the regular size mani bomb, applied 1/2 of the lotion bar and topped with cuticle cream (catch my video on IG).


**Please note, beginning Tuesday, I made sure to apply the cuticle cream in the morning and at night and especially after long, extended periods of time in water, ie washing dishes, showering.**

Overall, I didn’t see much difference as far as nail growth, but that’s probably because I only used it for 5 days but strong, healthy nails is the name of the game. Let’s get down to the Good, Bad and the Ugly (so to speak).


***BAD (if you can really call it that)***
The only thing I didn’t like was the lavender flowers in the lotion bars because I felt weird when I was rubbing it in. I am weird about texture though and my husband can vouch for that :).
I prefer mani powder because I can “measure” the amount of product being used. I feel wasteful using the larger bomb.
I prefer squeeze tip cuticle oil applicators because roller balls get “stuck” and don’t allow me to apply the oil to my cleavage.

*They feel stronger, yet still flexible enough that they wouldn’t break on impact.
*The free edge is more white/opaque and not as transparent.
*Cuticles remain moisturized between applications
*Absorbs quickly into the cuticle and nail bed.
*Doesn’t leave you feeling greasy and oily.
*Smells amazing; noticeable, yet not overpowering.
*Fast shipping from HI
*Budget Friendly
*Great customer service

In this case the ‘GOOD’ does outweigh the ‘BAD’ and I will continue to purchase the oil (rollerball and all) and the cream. I will continue to use the remaining product even though my 5 day challenge is over, I will just be using them with polish. You can monitor my progress on my IG page. Nailed It! Nail Care products will be launching August 5th so, make sure you check them out. The scents I had were ah-mazing, but I know other scents will be offered.

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