Swatch & Review: In the Name of Polish – Fun Days and Neon Craze

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When Kristen Bailey of In the Name of Polish (ITNOP) asks if you have time to swatch her collab neon collection, what other words would you use other than HELL TO THE YES!!?!????!?!!! Last year I purchased her Hard Knock Life neon collection and I was so impressed with its brightness, formula, finish and how easily they marbled. I knew if this new collection was anything like the last, I was in for a treat and couldn’t turn down the opportunity to get my hands on Fun Days and Neon Craze! Fun Days and Neon Craze is the amazingly, beautiful brain child of ITNOP and Christy of @cakefaceconfessofficial and the name speaks for itself! Originally, I opted not to buy this set because it was a pre-order with a 30 set cap and I didn’t want to get my hopes up and then not score a set. So I set my sights elsewhere and bought another neon set with from another maker. I’m not saying I’m not pleased with my decision, but as they say, “hindsight is 20/20.”

Anyways, Fun Days and Neon Craze was originally released April 22nd at 9am EST and sold out very quickly as you can imagine. This set includes 7 neon crème polishes available in the In the Name of Polish store. As of the date of this post, the sets are $55USD, however, they will go back up to $63+$7 shipping.

I’m not going to bore you with actual swatches since you can find them on Kristen and Christy IG pages, but I will say the formula is butta! Silky smooth and easy to work with…heaven in a bottle. They do dry fast with a semi-shiny finish so a gloss top coat is recommended if you want it shiny. As with all my neons, I put down a coat of white undies for and added ‘POP’ of brightness but as you can see, you really don’t need it.


Shown is Too Turnt Got You Sun Burnt w/o TC.
Right: 1 coat over 1 coat of white undies. Left: 2 coats w/o white undies.

Neon Pink – Two in the Pink


Neon Red – Too Turnt Got You Sun Burnt


Neon Orange – Lazy Days and Orange Haze


Neon Green – Shoot Tequila and Lime and Then Blow a Line


Neon Yellow – Suns Out, Buns Out


Neon Blue – Blue Balls and Beach Balls


Neon Purple – Sex Tapes and Grape Vape


Instead of swatches, I wanted to show you their marbling abilities. Now, let me preface by saying I am no marbling expert, so if I can do it anyone can. Here is my feeble attempt at watermarbling using this collection (bottom 2 pics). You may have already seen it on IG and/or FB, but if not, here it is (hangs head in shame). I did this gorgeous collection absolutely no justice. It deserves better than this. I tried to upcycle (recycle + upgrade), a few days later by adding some stamping to hide/camouflage the mistakes (top 2 pics). I think it looks better, thoughts?


I had 2 challenges that I really wanted to enter. A color challenge – white and technique challenge – radial/circular gradient. I used White by Kleancolor and Two in the Pink, Lazy Days and Orange Haze and Suns Out, Buns Out. The colors and the combination of them were blinding!!! Just for some added umph, I did stamp over it and I loved it…I wore the mani for the entire weekend and for me that’s saying a lot.

Overall, in my personal, honest opinion, this set is worth every cent…you may even want a backup set. I can see these becoming my ‘go-to’ set for neon especially if I’m going to marble. For these reasons, I give this collection ♥♥♥♥♥ out of ♥♥♥♥♥!!!

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