Swatch & Review: Tonic Nail Polish – Debut Collection

Hey ya’all, I’m back yet again with another swatch & review!!! Before we get into it, I need you to repeat after me…Lindsey Buck….one more time….Lindsey Buck. Now….Tonic Nail Polish….one more time…..Tonic Nail Polish. It’s THE name and brand that you want to commit to memory. Why? Because these swatches you’re about to see will absolutely take your breathe away. Her 5-free polishes are gorgeous and her debut launch collection is something you don’t want to miss. 

So let’s get all formalities out of the way, the following swatches are taken in artificial light, without base coat (except Huckleberry Sparkle since I decided to wear…lol) and topped with Quick Dry High Gloss Top Coat by Pro-FX.

Now on to the swatches…..


Tonic Nail Polish


Launch Date: June 26th @ 2pm CST

Full/Minis: Full Size bottles only

Collection Name: Tonic’s Debut Collection

Set/Individual: Selling as individual bottles. $1 discount per bottle will be available when purchasing all 8 polishes ($80 instead of $80)

Shipping: within U.S. and Canada HOWEVER, international shipping may be considered on a case by case basis, please contact Lindsey for details.

Rainbow Fish


Rainbow Fish (207) is described as “a tropical turquoise jelly base with linear holographic pigment, silver holographic micro glitters, pink/gold/green shifting multi chrome flakes and a whisper of purple highlight.” Shown in 3 even coats for no VNL, the formula is easy to work with and polish dried smooth.

Price: $12


Dragons at Dusk


Dragons at Dusk (830 is “a dark peacock-blue jelly base with a strong emerald/blue/violet shifting multi chrome summer.” Shown here completely opaque in 2 coats, the formula is smooth like a baby’s bottom and dries quick with a shiny finish

Price: $12


Alexandria’s Genesis 



Alexandria’s Genesis (79) is “a creamy bright pink-violet with dreamy blue shimmer.” Shown here in 3 even coats for no VNL, this polish dries with a dull shine. The formula on this one is easy to work with and applies smooth. No streaky brush lines in this shimmer!

Price: $10


Enchanted Elixir


Enchanted Elixir (52) is described as “a navy jelly base with strong pink/gold/green shifting multi chrome shimmer and holographic gold micro glitters.” Shown here in 2 coats, this polish dries smooth with a semi-shiny finish. The formula on this polish is thick but easy to work with and self leveling.

Price: $12


Light of Lyra


Light of Lyra (111) is “a creamy bright purple with strong aqua shimmer.” Shown here in 3 coats and no VNL, the formula is perfection and dries quickly with a semi-shiny finish. Once again, there is no streakiness most shimmers are known for.

Price: $10


Lava Lust


Lava Lust (60) is “a red jelly base with copper-orange metallic shimmer.” Again, formula is perfect for a shimmer and goes on easy and smooth. Shown here in 2 coats, no VNL and dries to a semi-shiny finish.

Price: $10


Tides of Perseid


Tides of Perseid (143) is “a plum wine jelly base with aqua/violet shifting shimmer, blue/red shifting sparkles, and holographic gold and silver micro glitters.” Shown here in 2 coats and no VNL, this polishes also dries with a semi-shiny finish. Application and formula is easy and smooth.

Price: $12


Huckleberry Sparkle


Huckleberry Sparkle (224) is described as a blue-purple base with a strong red shimmer and silver holo microglitter. Shown here in 2 coats for no VNL, this polish has a smooth formula. As with the others, it dried semi-shiny and applies evenly. I received Huckleberry Sparkle after the others and ending up wearing it for about 48 hours. There was absolutely no wear at the tips (I type all day) and removed easily with pure acetone remover. 

Price: $10

The answer is ‘yes’, you will need all of them…hehehe! Upon opening the box I thought I had a favorite, that quickly changed as I applied them and saw how beautiful each of them are. The formulas are amazeballs, you can tell Lindsay spent a lot of time perfecting them. Don’t forget, Lindsey Buck! Tonic Nail Polish! Debut Collection releasing June 26th @ 2pm CST! You’ve probably noticed that there are no direct click links to her Etsy store, so join Tonics’ FB fan page and follow on Instagram to make sure you stay up to date.